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Cover photo

Cover photo

Follow the links below to view photo galleries of The Peabody Institute's 2012 production of Ward's

Want to buy Crucible photos?

Follow these steps:

1. Pick your pics. Each digital file costs $7.50. If you buy 4 files, you get a 5th one free. Just go through the gallery & decide which photos you want.

2. Tell me what you want. Send an email to esdavisimaging@gmail.com with a list of the photos you want. I'll confirm the total price with you.

3. Make payment. You can use either PayPal (esdavisimaging@gmail.com) or
personal check.

4. Wait for a download link. Once I receive payment, I'll email you a special link. Clickng on the link will start a downlaod of the photos to your computer. This link is only for you. Please don't share this link. Other people who want to purchase photos from me should go through this same process and pay for their own photos.

5. Photos on a disk. My standard photo delivery method is download. Want your pics on a disk? No worries! Just add $3.00 for shipping & handling to your total order and send me a mailing address.

6. That's it! Thanks!

To get in touch with Ed, send an email to: esdavisimaging@gmail.com

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